We knew we couldn’t bring Taiwan’s actual street markets to Hong Kong… but with The Night Market, we think we’ve done the next best thing!

Working with our awesome team of designers, we’ve created a cool, modern space that perfectly compliments our delicious Taiwanese cuisine. Design is in our DNA as much as that delicious popcorn chicken!


Working with interior designer Alexi Robinson, both our Central and Elements interiors mix the vibrancy of Taiwan’s street markets with the comfort of a modern dining room. Our distinctive decor combines the buzz of a traditional marketplace with fun contemporary touches to make a homely dining room you’ll want to spend time eating in.

Meanwhile, our lightweight aluminium tables and chairs were designed by Michael Young, and produced using the same factory and methods as Apple MacBooks. During the production process, all the excess aluminium shavings are melted back together and recycled to create new pieces, meaning there’s absolutely zero waste involved… just the way we like it!

Similarly, our eye-catching lamps were designed by Michael to invoke the feel of traditional Asian night markets but with our trademark quirkiness, combining the old with the new to create something wonderfully unique. Each lampshade is made from thousands of old Chinese newspapers, folded and layered over each other to produce a brand new and alluring centrepiece. And yes, they’re just as heavy as you can imagine – but for talking pieces this special, we reckon it’s totally worth the weight!

With interiors this inviting and food this enticing, we know you’ll be back for seconds… and thirds… and fourths!



Branding & Ceramics

The Night Market’s identity was brought to life by Latitude 22N. We wanted to recreate the exciting atmosphere of a Taiwanese street market complete with playful, quirky and humorous elements too.

As a result, everything from our menus to our dinnerware bears a distinct The Night Market twist, making our restaurants totally unique in Hong Kong. Our chinaware, designed and produced from scratch by the Latitude 22N team, starts with the traditional but injects a dose of fun – just like our food, really! – with new modern, witty designs. After all, when was the last time you saw blue-and-white Chinese ceramics with sandals or scooters on?

Jesse McLin of Latitude 22N also designed our one-of-a-kind ceramic vase sets, which you’ll see on display at both of our restaurants. Creating something dynamic and innovative from the original idea of everyday ornaments that you’d find in your average dining room, each piece is handmade and subtly different – with the “Fragments” set on display at our Central location and the “Erosion” set at Elements.

So now you know that just as much love has gone into our placemats as our Kung Pao Prawns!